Kenora and the surrounding area received much-needed rain yesterday morning. Yesterday’s showers were the first time the area received precipitation since July 4, 2021.

“We did get some rain on Monday and that was about 10.5 millimeters for the Kenora area so not a lot, but at least there's some because we hadn't had any for quite some time,” said Gerald Chang Environment and Climate Change Meteorologist

Even with the rain received yesterday, it still is just over half of the average precipitation usually seen in the month of July. In total through the month, 52.6 millimetres of precipitation has fallen, which is just over half of the 103.4 millimetre average seen in years past.

More rain could fall this week as Chang noted a disturbance is moving through Northwestern Ontario on Wednesday that could bring rain with it.

The forecast is calling for a 40 per cent chance of showers throughout Wednesday and Friday.

Rain is needed in the area to help contain and extinguish more than 100 forest fires that firefighters are battling.

Moving forward into the next few weeks Northwestern Ontario is still expected to have heat waves that bring with it higher than normal daytime highs.

“We should be at about 25 degrees for daytime highs, but keep in mind too, that when we talk about above normal temperatures if it's above normal, just by a few degrees every day, that becomes somewhat significant,” noted Chang

Into this weekend Kenora and the area will see daytime highs in the area of 27 degrees Celsius.