The Rotary Club of Kenora held their Lucky Duck Race on Sunday in Safety Bay in front of Husky the Muskie. The sold out event is an annual tradition in Kenora and includes these 2023 winners:

Duck Amount Name 

$1,500.00 Lori Dingwall 

$500.00 Karen McDonald 

$400.00 Mary Blankstein

$300.00 Rebecca Green 

$200.00 Don Filips 

$100.00 Colette Surovy

$100.00 Gord Makowsry 

$100.00 Dawn Grenier

$100.00 Sherrell McColm 

$100.00 Wendy Voth 

$100.00 Samantha Sinclair

$100.00 Carlene Duncan 

$50.00 Ryan Poole 

$50.00 B Rheault

$50.00 Barb Alcock

$50.00 Cindy Burley

$50.00 Ron Leblanc

$50.00 Michael Craig

$50.00 Gwen Ruby

$50.00 C. Sweeney

The fundraiser is in support of Rotary initiatives and Special Olympics Kenora. Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets!