After a very early start to the season, the first month of the forest fire season has come to a close. Fire information officer, Johnathan Scott offers an update.

"There's been a total of 45 fires in the northwest region burning a total of 334.5 hectares," he said.

Scott compared this year's statistics to last year's.

"This time last year we'd only had 5 fire burning 47 hectares," he said.

Warm temperatures and no rain have lead to dangerous conditions. Scott explains.

"The snow has receded in open fields and ditches, which are now filled with dead grass and vegetation. It is flammable and a source of ignition that can burn fast and very extensively," he said.

While many are hopeful we don't see the rain we did last year, a warm dry summer could mean a long and busy season for MNRF firefighters.

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