The Kenora area was hit with a Saskatchewan Screamer on Thursday (February 11, 2022) that brought blowing snow, and wind causing limited visibility for drivers.

The snow fell in Kenora around the middle of the morning and was then joined by heavy winds gusts creating near white-out conditions.

“Those snow totals at the [Kenora] Airport was 8 cm, which may be a representative or not, people around the area may have gotten a little more or a little bit less depending on where exactly you are,” Steven Flisfeder, Meteorologist said.

Flisfeder added the maximum wind gust clocked in at 46 km/h, which he said would have caused some visibility issues for motorists.

The additional 8 cm of snow seen on Thursday, brings the monthly total up to 36 cm, which is double the 18.6 cm average seen in February.

The snow isn’t going away any time soon as he said the forecast for the next 1-2 weeks is showing a couple of Alberta Clippers are expected to hit the area.

He couldn’t predict the exact snowfall amounts but forecasted at least another five centimetres of snow by the end of February.

Flisfeder concluded by saying that Friday, Saturday, Sunday into early next week as well temperatures aren't going to get much above the -15 degree Celsius range.

He added that the overnight lows through the time frame will be dipping down around -25 to -30 degrees, and with the winds making it feel feeling -35 and colder.