A conference about addiction will be taking place in Kenora later this week.

Empower to Recover is taking place on Friday at the Seven Generations Education Institute.

Jay Barnard is organizing the event and says it's the second one put on in Canada, but first of it's kind in Kenora.

"It is 80 percent sold out, so I think that speaks volumes for people wanting something in our area," says Barnard.

"It's not just people that in recovery.  There are organizations that have bought tickets like the NeChee Friendships Center and the Kenora Chiefs Advisory."

Barnard believes with the situation in Kenora dealing with drug abuse and concerns about safety in the downtown, the event is timely.

"This the first ever.  It's a very special day for me since I grew up here.  My addiction was here.  Did all sorts of jail time...got kicked out of here.  Came back in 2015.  It's a really special time for this.  It's really needed."

There are a number of guest speakers including former NHL star Theo Fleury.

Empower 2 Recover will take place in the Event Center of Seven Gens.