Applicants are full of hope in Kenora today. That's because the sawmill's looking for more than 100 new staff. Bobbie Green's been looking over the applications, and she offers an update on their time line.

"We're looking at fall time. As soon as we can," she said. "We're working on a project. One thing's dependent on another thing. So, hopefully everything all aligns, and we're able to meet all our targets."

The sawmill's been idle for the last seven years, as the forestry crisis hit the northwest. Larry Kabestra of the Dalles First Nation was among many, who hoped for a new job at the sawmill.

"I'm here to ascertain what kind of information Kenora Forest Products has for the town," he said. "Hopefully, get a leg up on how to get a job there."

Shane Bice was also optimistic.

"Just getting a bit of information on what's going on," he said, hoping a restart would bring more prosperity to the community.

The sawmill was idled in 2008 at the height of the forestry crisis, and the worst recession since the Great Depression. With signs of a second shift at Ear Falls, as well, unions and suppliers are hoping the worst is finally over.

An office has been set up at Market Square, in order to provide job descriptions of the positions available. They range from general labourer to office administration and include skilled trades. Applicants may also qualify for training to help them get ready for work in the sawmill.

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