Crews work to fill potholes

As motorists continue to deal with potholes, the damage caused by striking them can add up. Earle Rattai of Rosie value automotive says that the tires on a vehicle are the first parts to take the damage.

"You hit enough holes, things are going to wear out. Tires, of course, are on the front line, they take the most of it. The little steel cords inside break and then it gets transferred through every moveable joint," he said.

As crews continue to work on potholes, Sioux Lookout Mayor Dennis Leney says that they have not yet heard many complaints.

"I haven't heard too many complaints about them yet but I know our crew has been out with our graders," he said.

He adds that pothole complaints should be directed to the public works department at 737-1234.


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With the number of potholes on the city streets, many motorists have had the unfortunate experience of bouncing through one of them. From an auto insurance perspective, the driver is responsible for watching for obstacles including damage to the road.

Shelley McCool, from Lake of the Woods Insurance, explains it is totally up to the driver to be aware.

“You have to have control of your  vehicle at all times. If there is anything laying on the road or any damage to the road, it is your responsibility to get out of the way, to stop or go around it,” she said.

Hitting a pothole and doing damage to your vehicle could be claimed under your auto insurance

McCool explains the results of making such a claim.

“They can, and what it would be under would be collision, so you would normally have to pay your deductible which is usually around $500 dollars. But the problem is, it's a chargeable claim, so now your insurance premium would probably go up,” she said.

If you swerve to miss a pothole an hit another vehicle, this would also be considered your fault as you did not have control of your vehicle at the time of the accident. In a case like this you could be responsible for paying for your own damage as well as the other party if they don't have coverage.

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