Over the weekend, the Kenora OPP dispatched an aggressive bear on Pearl Avenue.

OPP says that the bear had an obvious injury to its paw, was aggressive, and charged at officers. As a result, the bear was dispatched.

Bear sightings in the region are up this year compared to last year as bears search and scavenge for food as natural food sources are scarce.

For emergency, bear encounters residents can call 9-1-1 or your local police. Non-emergency bear encounters can be reported on the toll-free Bearwise Reporting Line at 1-866-514-2327 or TTY-705-945-7641.

To avoid bear encounters, follow these Bear Wise tips.


  • put garbage out only on the morning of garbage day, not the night before

  • put meat scraps in the freezer until garbage day

  • put garbage in containers that have tight-fitting lids and store it in a bear-proof location such as your basement or a sturdy garage

  • frequently wash garbage cans and recycle containers and lids with a strong-smelling disinfectant, such as bleach

  • take garbage to the dump often, if you do not have curbside pick-up


  • fill bird feeders only through the winter months

  • put away feeders in the spring and instead, offer birds natural alternatives (for example, flowers, nesting boxes and fresh water)



  • burn off food residue and wash the grill right away

  • empty the grease trap every time you barbecue

  • remove all utensils, dishes, and food after eating

  • be aware that cooking odours can attract bears


  • pick all ripe and fallen fruit from trees and shrubs on your property

  • plant non-fruit bearing trees and shrubs


  • do not leave pet food outdoors, in screened-in areas or porches


  • leash your dog(s) when walking through communities or out in bear country


  • unleashed dogs may instigate a chase response that may lead the bear back to you

  • check your yards for the presence of a black bear before letting your dogs out