by Bruce Braun 

Once asked what was the secret to longevity and good golf Nick Price, former PGA professional spending 43 weeks at number one in the OWGR, gave the following answer: “Spend more time with the people who make you laugh, and always have something to look  forward to.”

The competition has begun. 72 league members began their quest for the coveted trophies.  An additional 4 guests came along to watch the drama unfold.  Clubhouse leaders are listed below just to give you an idea of what you need to do next week!  After next weeks round flight winners, both net and gross, and club champion will be withheld and announced on September 12. It is an exciting leadup to our September 12 finale. Next week will be round two and your last opportunity to submit one low score.  As a reminder, our league will begin at 9 AM on September 5 and 10 AM on September 12. 

As we wind down our season at Beauty Bay it perhaps goes without saying that there are a tremendous number of people that make Beauty Bay the best place to be on a Tuesday morning. (Well, the other days too!) You’ve likely met the men that organize the seniors league.  I have featured many of them in articles earlier this year. There are also numerous excellent persons, either in the clubhouse, or on the grounds that make this a great place.  I would like to introduce you to a couple of them. 

On August 23 I sat down (in one of the new carts!) with Greg Haus, Beauty Bays’ golf course superintendent. Greg has been at the helm of BB’s course maintenance for four years now. His background in turf management and prior experience at Transcona and St. Boniface golf courses, both in Winnipeg, has fashioned him into an extraordinary greenskeeper.  We are fortunate to have him here.  He attributes the great course conditions to his amazing staff. “That is the key here,” he states. “My success is only as good as the people I get to work with.” Current maintenance staff includes four full-time and about six part-time. Beyond the usual upkeep of 95 maintained acres, (that’s a lot!), there are numerous capital projects on the list. A master plan exists.  Finding the time to tackle these is the hard part. Greg mentioned resurfacing a couple of greens, new tee boxes, tree planting, and irrigation upgrades.  Also, the crew are certainly in line for maintenance facility upgrades. Greg just laughed when I asked him when that was going to happen. His response, “Your guess is as good as mine!” I asked Greg what were the biggest challenges or headaches that he has had. He was quick to respond that there really isn’t any. He felt like he has been in the business long enough to know that things can change on a daily basis. “So you just react accordingly and do what you do.”

Greg, also a golfer, has been a regular visitor to the Kenora area for over 40 years. In fact, his lake house on Dufresne Island was enjoyed when it was still boat-access only. In the process of accepting the position at Beauty Bay Greg felt that the role would be a nice way to start winding down his career. He imagines he will be here another four years or so. We can only hope that in that time he can develop a protégé to fill his shoes. Thanks for your time today  Greg.

On August 22 I got to interview Rya Keyes who has been an employee at BB Golf course for the past five seasons. Rya is one of those cheerful faces that can add a shine to your day. She started out at BB as a young teen washing carts and has worked her way into the clubhouse front desk. Although her home is south Winnipeg she stays at her family cabin in the Beauty Bay park. A convenient commute!  Why does she do it, you ask? “The golf course is a fun atmosphere, and it’s fun meeting people.” And what does she do with all the money she is raking in? At her young age she has had the good fortune of spending three months in Europe last year, with a friend, getting to explore 13 different countries in that time.  In the winter she has worked at the Pancake House in Winnipeg saving for her next trip or perhaps take a dive into a university education pursuing a degree as a veterinary technician. “That,” she says, “would be a good fit” since she loves animals. And, yes, she golfs! She might even be hooked on it, as she excitedly regaled a recent round where she had her best score ever. It is nice to have someone like Rya on the team.

Over the next couple of weeks, as our season winds down, be sure to take the opportunity to say thank you to Rya and Greg, and any of the many other staff that make Beauty Bay a great place to be.  Further, it’s important to acknowledge the skills and wonderful personality of our general manager, Nicole Jowett. Nicole is the face of Beauty Bay Golf Course as we seniors see her every Tuesday morning. She has been particularly helpful to me in getting our weekly news articles posted on the Beauty Bay Facebook page.  Thank you Nicole!

Current standings after play on August 29:

Clubhouse leader low gross: Gerry Beilner, 80.

Clubhouse leader low net: Dick Cairns, 66. On a countback against Tom Kozak.


Flight leaders, gross:

Flight 1: Keith Lake, 81.

Flight 2: Bob Clemmens, 85.

Flight 3: Dick Cairns, 90.

Flight 4: Tom Kozak, 91.

Flight 5: Chris Bill, 107.


Flight leaders, net:

Flight 1: Gord Sando, 71.

Flight 2: Murray Kesselman, 67.

Flight 3: Gregg Agnew, 70.

Flight 4: Dave Schott, 70. On a countback.

Flight 5: Gary Read, 73.


Other achievements:

Longest putt on number 5: Duncan “Dunked Indeed” Calder.

Closest to the cup on number 9: Gregg “Wowser” Agnew.

Closest to the pole on number 10, Lorne “Down the Middle” Frederick.

Closest to the cup on number 14: Lee “Stuffed It” Belanger.

Longest putt on number 18, Rick “No Big Deal” Strain.

See you all next week!

greg haus


Rya Keyes

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