“I went to play golf to try and shoot my age, but I shot my weight instead.” – Bob Hope 

Today was yet another beautiful day to be out on the golf course. A beauty day at Beauty Bay!  68 members and 4 guests rounded out our league play this week.  If you haven’t been out yet, there’s still plenty of room and we’d love to have you join us.

The Beauty Bay senior men’s league matchplay competition is well underway. Pictured here are Russ Garneys and Marvin Koski. This picture was taken prior to their match. These two men are smiling in anticipation of kicking the other ones butt. There has been some question as to what Russ is holding in his right hand. Is it some kind of  secret weapon? Poisoned cookies? Exploding golf balls? Alas, it was of no use as Marvin quashed any hopes that Russ had, successfully ending the match on the 15th hole with a stunning birdie.  The 4&3 win for Marvin advances him to the semifinals in a match with Dan Anderson. Also in the semifinals are Keith Lake and Gerry Beilner. 

Take a look at this score card.  Ray Howard handed me this card from the early 2000’s.  Although I am still trying to find a card for the original nine holes this one still captures my interest.  In particular, look at the differences of holes 2, 8, 9, and 18. A few things have changed since this card was in use!

The following story comes in two parts, mostly because I received the story in two parts but also because it’s funnier in two parts!

…Normally, this space is reserved for senior men’s league news. However, there are occasions that warrant some flexibility. After all, we are celebrating golf. And, of course, senior golfers.  Many of the men in our senior men’s league golf more than once a week. Many of them have known each other for years. Some even having met at the golf course so, it is of no surprise when these men get together for regular rounds of golf throughout the week.  The following has been contributed by Rob  Perry during their Thursday round. It is concerning the 17th hole.

“Our Buddy, Gerry “The Beast” Beilner fired a laser beam of a drive to less than 4ft. from the pin. In spite of a bad case of knocking knees he managed to drain the putt, with authority! Congratulations Gerry!”

For those that are not in the know, number 17 is a 330 yard par 4.  It’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is a nearly 90° downhill, right dog leg, so as the crow flies, or in this case, the ball, the hole is shortened to a blind 230 yards. That is still no slouch of a tee shot as it requires a high fade or a draw, above or around, some tall poplar trees that are only about 60 yards off the tee. It’s a beautiful risk/reward hole and one of the many fun holes at Beauty Bay.

…And now, for the rest of the story!  Drum roll…  I was in the same foursome with Gerry today, and I offered him further congratulations on his eagle. His shoulders slumped a little bit. “It wasn’t legitimate,” he said.  Turns out Gerry hit into the group in front of them that included a couple of fellow seniors.  In an attempt to ’get him back’ the foursome colluded to move Jerry’s ball, which was just short of the green, up to the location that everyone, at least up to this point, believed that Gerry had fired the most amazing shot.  The group ahead, who shall remain unnamed, finished their round and disappeared. It wasn’t until a day or two later that Gerry was approached and informed of the conspiracy!

The following information has been submitted by fellow senior men’s golfer, Duncan Ross,

So fellow senior golfers, it is nearly time for the Almost Annual Barbecue, coming July 25. I have indicated that I will organize the roast this year but apparently, most of it has been done already by, you guessed it, Mr. J. Ford, thanks Jay! I guess I will be blamed if something goes wrong though….oh well! 

I asked around and apparently this event has been held almost every year for about 16 years in the Senior Mens. The turnout for this day is usually very good, every Tarian and Toban alike recognizing a good deal, not understanding that they have already paid for it! Many, who have trouble even making toast at home attend for survival! 

All past members are welcome to attend and dine on the club on that day. Ask someone for a ride if you need to. We will have members assisting with dishing out the food that day so there is less hand to hand contact with utensils, etc. I will be looking for volunteers to set up and take down, food slingers and another burger/smoky flipper to help Lee and I. Please support B.B. golf club with a few beverage purchases, Nicole and her staff are always there to help our group and have been very good to us.

See y’all there! - Duncan 

Results for the league on July 11 is as follows:

Back nine scramble winners were Gord Sando, Jim Beaman, Dave Schott, and Gary Hall with a -5 score of 30.  Congratulations!

Other achievements:

Longest putt on number 1: Rick “Fist Pump” Wiley.

Longest drive (75+) on number 4: Trevor “Powerhouse” Holm.

Longest putt on number 6: Roger “Long” Long.

Closest to the cup 1st shot on number 7: Paul “That Was Close” Vincent.

Closest to the cup 2nd shot on number 9: Randy “Soft Hands” Baird.


July 11 front nine flight winners:

Flight 1: Keith Lake, 36. Super stuff, Keith!

Flight 2: Jim Beaman, 39.

Flight 3: Tom Kozak, 43

Flight 4: John Palichuk, 47

Flight 5: Tony Moniz, 50. Our newest member winning on a countback!

(Submitted by Bruce Braun)