By Bruce Braun

If profanity influenced the flight of the ball, the game of golf would be played far better than it is. – Horace G. Hutchinson, 2-Time British Amateur Champion. 

Today our league of 70 members and 9 guests successfully dodged questionable weather. Only a few insignificant raindrops fell and skies rumbled on our final holes. At the conclusion of the round an incredibly large clap of thunder culminated today’s golf. More than a few of us had our hair stand on end! More so for the guys that have hair!

Driven indoors by the threatening weather our league participated in the annual mouthwatering picnic barbecue extravaganza. Several of the kind members worked hard to assure burgers and weenies were done to perfection and delivered in ultimate timely fashion. The steamy hot, healthy protein was placed meticulously on heart-healthy bread, and included a slice of artisan cheese, topped with savory condiments. A beverage of choice was deemed necessary to augment the barbecue aromas.  A heartfelt thank you to all the guys that made this  barbecue special and thank you to all of you who smacked your lips.

Last week, the men’s league paid their respects to former members who have passed. I overheard a conversation regarding the two crosses adjacent to the seventh green. As a hat-tip to friend and former owner, Cubby Ford, pictured here are another two past honorary members, Rizzo and Jasmine, two well-loved pooches.  A Jack Russell and Shih Tzu were dear pets of Cubby. The two pooches were standard equipment in the clubhouse years ago.  We hope you’re doing well, Cubby. 

The senior men’s league match play champion has been declared. The official crowning will take place at the season wrap-up in September.  Keith Lake succeeded in taking down Marvin Koski on the 17th hole. By all reports it was a close contest. Marvin was up by one after a chip-in birdie on 9.  Marvin also made a stunning 25 foot putt on 11 to keep the match tied.  Meanwhile, Keith’s relentless consistency edged him further ahead. On the 16th Marvin was down by three and stayed alive with a massive birdie putt. He was unable to maintain that genius and succumbed to Keith’s steady play. The match concluded when Keith won the 17th hole. Both men chirped about how well the handicap system works in keeping players of all levels on an even field. There is talk of a larger field or a double elimination event for next year. Please think about joining in next year. A big thank you to Dan Anderson for coordinating this season’s matches.

Finally, a big thank you to those of you in the league who have participated in these weekly articles by submitting photos, stories, and one-liners. You make my job fun!  Please keep  sending in your submissions.

Results for the league on July 25 is as follows:

(A presidents twist included four holes to be played from the yellow tees; 3, 8, 15, and 18.)

Back nine scramble winners were Gord Hunter, Tony Moniz, Russ Garneys, and Bruce Braun with an unprecedented -8 score of 27.  You may bow in our presence!

Other achievements:

Closest to the cup first shot on hole number 2: Al “Ace-Wannabe” Jackson.

Longest drive (75+) on hole number 4:  Al “Smokin’” Kobylka.

Longest putt on number 5: Rick “From Another Time Zone” Strain.

Closest to the cup second shot on number 7: Don “Easy Par” Malchuk.

Closest to the cup on number 9: Russ “7-Footer” Hintz.

July 25 front nine flight winners:

Flight 1: Keith Lake, 37.

Flight 2: John Bowiec, 39.

Flight 3: Dick Green, 42.

Flight 4: Brad Edie, 44. Won on a countback.

Flight 5: Wayne Slowe, 48.

Honorable mention goes to Don Malchuk, a guest of Jim Beaman, who fired a one under 34 on the front nine.

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