On being asked before the final round what he needed to shoot to win the tournament – “the rest of the field.” – Roger Maltbie, PGA Tour & TV Commentator.

Another fine day was had at Beauty Bay. 67 members and 7 guests enjoyed cooler air and gentle breezes. We were fresh off of a scorcher the last few days so today’s weather came as some relief.

Let me introduce Jay Ford to you.  In his role as Vice President Jay does a tremendous amount of background tasks.  He gets things ready for the loony pot and 50-50 draw, helps members find their playing partners and sets up the weekly prize boards. He comes out early each Tuesday and places five challenges on the nine holes that are not being used for the scramble. This key contribution potentially puts Beauty Bay Bucks in your pocket.  Drop your coin in the bucket before the round to give yourself a chance!  Jay is also often seen helping in other areas as well.  He has been cart washer and mechanic, and general aid to anyone in need of anything! Next time you see Jay give him a big thank you for all that he does. 

For the past several weeks I’ve been on the hunt for a scorecard from the 70s or 80s when Beauty Bay was a nine hole golf course. I have a couple sleuths on the prowl, but I thought I would send out an APB in the event the right person hasn’t been asked this question… Do you have this scorecard in your possession? I asked Ray Howard...  “Here is how I remember the original 9. 1, 2, 18, 10, 11, 12, 17, 8, 9.”  Let’s see if we can find a card. 


Get your calendars out.  July 18 will be our annual* memorial service taking place before the round on the ninth tee.  *Another Covid casualty comeback.   Keep in mind the upcoming barbecue slated for July 25.  Duncan Ross is heading up the role of barbecue organizer. He may be asking you to help out. No hiding!  The club championship rounds will take place August 29 and September 5.  Our closing round and dinner extravaganza will be on September 12. This will include the presentation of trophies, including our club champion, our matchplay champion, and individual flight winners. The skilled recipients will have the great honour of taking their coveted trophies home with them for the winter where they can display them on their mantle, striking numerous poses and taking selfies ad nauseam! What an awesome Christmas card greeting that would be! You are encouraged to return your trophy by the start of the following season.

Round three of the matchplay is in the wings. It’s a nail-biter. Recently advanced include  Dan Anderson and Jerry Beilner. These two are waiting for matches to be completed between Gord Sando and Keith Lake, as well as Marvin Koski and Ross Garneys. TV worthy competition at its best.

Results for the league on July 4 is as follows:

Front nine scramble winners were:

Keith Lake
Richard Duchelk
Al Jackson
Kevin Little with a -3 score of 32.  The win was on a countback.  Congratulations!


Other achievements:

Closest to the pole on number 10: A.J. “Pole High” Giardin.
Longest drive (70 through 74) on number 13: Ed “Outta Sight” Spendlow.
Closest to the cup on number 14: Dean “Yes, I’m That Good” Carrie.
Closest to the cup second shot on number 17: Roger “Shoulda Gone In” Long.
Longest putt on number 18: A.J.” It’s Me Again!” Girardin.

July 4 back nine flight winners:

Flight 1: Jack Sinninghe, 36. Nicely done Jack!
Flight 2: Nelson Rozon, 38. Won on a countback.
Flight 3: Dick Green, 41.
Flight 4: Lorne McCool, 44.
Flight 5: Kevin Little, 45.