“Why am I using a new putter? Because the old one didn't float too well.” – Craig Stadler, PGA Tour, 1982 Masters Champion.

The Beauty Bay senior men’s league had another fine day whacking a little golf ball around the course.

59 members and 3 guests were wind blown and baked in today’s hot and windy day.  As we all know some days go better than others. What we are generally consistent about is complaining.  That’s the nature of golf. Why do we do this ourselves?  That’s a question often asked by non-golfers and golfers alike. I’ll tell you why.  Because every once in a while we will hit a shot that even the best player in the world would say, “I’d take that!”

We all know the satisfaction of hitting a shot that soars through the air on the intended line and lands at the intended location.  It is painfully rare, yet it happens. And it happens just often enough to keep us engaged! Now, of course this isn’t true for everybody.

I’m told there’s actually people who golf simply because it’s just fun. OK, but I don’t believe you!  Others tell you they do it for the fresh air, exercise, and camaraderie. OK again. Whatever.  The senior men’s league match play has begun. 14 men have begun their quest for the coveted Matchplay Trophy.  You can keep up with how players are doing by checking into the Beauty Bay Facebook page and click the link to the senior men’s league.

Dan Anderson has coordinated this single elimination event. Be sure to get your rounds in.  Mark your calendars for the upcoming barbecue set for July 25.  The barbecue cost is covered by your league dues so please be sure to join us after your round.  As this is a special event past league members, those who are no longer golfing (but continue to eat) are welcome to join in the fellowship and camaraderie.  No charge! $5 for guests. Catch up with your old buddies and tell a few stories that we will continue to not believe! The following is provided by Gary Read. Thanks Gary.

For many of our BBSeniors group May 16th was our first round and our hi-light of the day came on just the first hole.  Our group started on the back nine with a Texas Scramble.  The foursome consisted of Bob Calder, Duncan Calder, Dave Schott, and Gary Read. We teed off from hole 13 with a mixed review and then Bob, who had admittedly played a round or two previously, chipped into the hole from 90 yards out to give us an Eagle.  As stated earlier that was the hi-light of our day as we I believe finished up only 2 under for the nine.” I can well imagine any golfer, professional or otherwise, saying,” I’d take that!”   Way to go, Bob!

One other note: Congratulations to Winnipeg-born Canadian, Nick Taylor for being the first Canadian to win the Canadian Open in 69 years.  Honorable mention goes to fellow Canadian Adam Hadwin for making headlines two weeks in a row.  First, at the Canadian Open by being tackled by a security guard while attempting to congratulate Nick Taylor with a loaded champagne bottle. Then again a week later at the U.S. Open for an epic club toss! Hooray Canada!

Results for the league on June 20 is as follows:

Front nine scramble winners were Gerry Beilner, Nelson Rozon, and Al Pekarchuk with a -2 score of 33.

The win was on a count back. Congratulations! Other achievements: Longest putt on number 11: Derek “With Authority” Kobernyk.

Closest to the cup on second shot on number 13: Gerry “Birdie” Beilner Closest to the cup on number

14: Brad “Pin Hi” Edie Longest putt on number 16: Darren “Par Saver” Ainsworth. Longest drive on number

18: Brad “Da Bomb” Lowes. June 20 back nine flight winners:

Flight 1: Jack Sinninghe, 40. Won on a count back against two others.

Flight 2: Frank Bastone, 37. Way to go, Frank! Flight 3: Husky Robinson, 44. Won on a count back against two others.

Flight 4: Dean Carrie, 47. Won on a count back against three others.

Flight 5: Dan Reynard, 47.

(Article submitted by Bruce Braun)