By Bruce Braun

“Do you want to shoot lower scores? Play less holes.” -Peter Jacobson.

Another fine Tuesday morning has come and gone.

There were 59 members and 5 guests out today.

Are you interested in joining us? Please do. You can call the golf course at 548-4777 before Sunday evening for the following Tuesday.

Also, notice that KenoraOnline is now posting our league news.

As well, Beauty Bay Golf Course is posting our league news on their Facebook page.

Check it out. Next week, on June 13, the senior men’s league will have a Brats ‘N Beer bash in honor of the fathers in our league.

The clubhouse is kind enough to offer us a discounted price on the goods. Lorne Frederick and I were in the same group today.

Now, to be fair, Lorne was hitting the ball great all day.

Well, except for two holes when I got the camera out!

I have captured the essence of him communing with nature.

After all, isn’t that one of the reasons why we enjoy golfing?

I often feel like I have to apologize to my group as they are at the mercy of my camera and my lack of fairness in its use.

I figure they are fair game as they had every opportunity to run and hide when they saw the groupings at the beginning of the day! In previous articles,

I have highlighted some of the members of the senior men’s league executive.

This time I am focusing on our president, Richard Cone.

Richard comes fully credentialed.

A background in geology led to a few years working up at the arctic tree line doing mining exploration.

Then a career flip led him to heading up marketing for the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

A Black Sturgeon Lake resident since 2016 when Richard joined the senior men’s group at Beauty Bay.

In his words, ”It was a great way to meet folks from all around the Kenora region and Tuesday mornings quickly became a favourite day of the week.”

Some arm twisting from his new golf buddies resulted in him taking the lead role from past president,

Syd Enns. Little did Richard know that the onset of Covid, a severely fractured left leg and hip, and record flooding would make things a little more challenging than he expected. Richard is pleased that 2023 is off to a great start.

With the addition of new members and the continued support of Beauty Bay and volunteers Richard is expecting this year to be a great experience for all of us!

Results for the league on June 6 is as follows:

Front nine scramble winners were Larrie Davies, Duncan Ross, and John Bowiec with a -3 score of 32. Congratulations!

Other achievements: Closest to the pole on number 10: Derek “Spittin’ Distance” Kobernyk Longest putt on number 12: John “On a Roll” Bowiec.

Closest to the hole on number 14: Dan “I made the putt” Anderson. (Like we’re shocked).

Longest drive on number 15: Leo “Rocket Launcher” Heyens.

Closest to the cup, second shot on number 17: Rick “Tap In Birdie” Wiley.

June 6 flight winners: Flight 1: Bruce Braun, 37. Flight 2: A.J. Girardin, 41. Flight 3: Chris Pugh, 42. Flight 4: Rob Perry, 46. Flight 5: Wayne Slowe, 48.