by Bruce Braun 

“I'm working as hard I can to get my life and my cash to run out at the same time. If I can just die after lunch Tuesday, everything would be perfect.” – Doug Sanders, PGA Tour. 

I am gobsmacked!  The forecast for today was dismal. Raise your hands if you brought along a change of clothes! Although there were a few cancellations, presumably due to the imminent deluge, 54 senior men, and 2 guests, still showed up today and got through 18 holes without getting soaked! Sure, there were a few sprinkles.  The air was damp and heavy.  It was good for our complexion!  Regardless, we got our round of golf in unscathed. Today was our last chance to post a low score in hopes of becoming a trophy hoister. Hopefully you did well. 

In addition to trophies next week the following prizes will be available:

The Club Champions (Gross & Net) $100 each.

Flights winners (Gross & Net) $50 each.

Next weeks 4 man scramble winners:

Gold- $15. Each

Silver- $10 Each

Bronze- $5 Each 

‘Mums the word’ on who shot the low scores today. Scores are being withheld in order to create the necessary suspense for a cliff hanger windup.  Our wishes are that you can attend the windup with your fingernails still intact.  Golf begins at 10 AM on September 12 and after golf there will be the closing ceremony and a meal.  In the meantime we can only hope you’re content with the following nuggets from today:

Closest to the cup on number 2: Brad “Made the Bird” Lowes.

Longest putt on number 4: Rick “It’s in the Hole” Wiley. 

Longest putt on number 7: Dan “Just a Tap-in” Anderson.

Closest to the cup on number 14: Dave “Birdman” Moorey.

Longest drive (70-74) on number 16: Jim “The Crusher” Bergman.

For their accomplishment these gentlemen will receive five Beauty Bay Bucks, (formally Cubby Bucks!) redeemable in the clubhouse.  Keep in mind that Beauty Bay Bucks have an expiry date. So, if your wallet is stuffed with these valuable scripts be sure to stop by the clubhouse by October 10 and convert them into some awesome merchandise and/or delectable food. Also, keep in mind that memberships to Beauty Bay Golf Course 2024 are available now at 2023 prices. If this is your first time considering membership you can buy now and play the  remainder of the 2023 season for free.  It’s a great deal!

Last week fellow senior golfer, Roger Dimit, handed me a newspaper clipping from the Fort Frances Times. It was entitled, “Golf and your heart health: is there a connection?” I perused the article which drew the conclusion that, “yes,” there is a connection! And aside from the cardiovascular fitness, there is maintenance of flexibility and strength by golfing.  Although the findings weren’t necessarily a shock, what made the article interesting was its reference to the earliest recorded mention of golf being traced back to 1457 Scottish parliament, which banned the game of golf due to its interference with military training!  Although the activity of golf seemed frivolous at the time, its benefits were unappreciated. We’ve come along way baby!

As a hat-tip to last years winners the following is a recap of 2022 senior men’s league club championship:

Low net flight six: Doug Poirlier 74

Low net flight five:  Jay Ford 69

Low net flight four: Brad Edie 66

Low net flight three: Leo Heyens 69

Low net flight two: Russell Hintz 70

Low net flight one: Keith Lake 68


Low gross flight six: Dave Moorey 107

Low gross flight five: Bob Brignall 97

Low gross flight four: Husky Robinson 91

Low gross flight three: Larrie Davies 90

Low gross flight two: Marvin Koski 84

Low gross flight one: Frank Bastone 80


Low net overall: Grant Erickson 56

Low gross overall: Nelson Rosen 78 Club Champion!


A belated congratulations to each of you. Hopefully you have returned your bling, but who knows, maybe you’ll get it back!?


See you at the windup next week!

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