The Beaver Brae Broncos are set to snap the ball on another football season tomorrow afternoon as they welcome the Fort Frances Muskies for their home opener.

Tomorrow night's game will be the first time since the 2019-2020 season that the Broncos have taken the field.

Head coach Chris Penner said the players are excited to put into play what they’ve been practicing the last two weeks.

“It’s like they’ve been studying for a test the last two weeks and the test is tomorrow. They are feeling prepared and they want to see how they do so they’re pretty pumped about it,” said Penner

Penner added that this year's team has a combination of rookies and veterans.

“It’s a total mix bag like it is every year. We have all kinds of people that will be seeing the field tomorrow. There’s a wide variety of experience from a Luc Boucha who’s been with us for four years to other kids that haven’t seen the field before this week,” says Penner.

“Our message though to all of them is to just to go out and do the best that you can, go 100 per cent, leave nothing on the field, and mistakes will be made but we’ll correct them. It’s just about growing and working together as a team,” added Penner

On offense the Broncos will be led by their Grade 10 Quarterback who Penner said is doing a great job leading the offense so far. Defensively the Broncos are led by Middle Linebacker Luc Boucha, senior player Liam Johnson, and Safety Brody Barrett.

An exhibition series between Beaver Brae, DHS, and FF was held a couple of weeks ago, and the Broncos had an early look at what to expect from the Muskies.

“From a defensive perspective we are aware of how they run their offense, we’ve been putting our defense up against their offensive plays to see how our guys will react. From a defensive perspective we need to make sure we have changes and keep everything bottled to the centre,” noted Penner

Kick-off will be at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon at the Tom Nabb Soccer Complex.