There's plenty of projects on display in the atrium at Beaver Brae this week. Grade 11 student Brandon Stefanik explains what's going on.

"We're doing an environmental science project for culminating and we're talking about environmental stuff like overpopulation, deforestation and illegal wildlife," he said.

Each student had to pick a topic and then research that topic for the final project. Classmate Lucas Nystrom researched deforestation.

"Every year we loose about the size of the state of Arizona in the Amazon Rainforest. Every year in total we loose about the size of the country of Panama in forest space. So it was definitely insane to think about how much forest we're loosing," he said.

While Nystrom didn't focus on Kenora, he says we have to keep an eye on the forestry industry to make sure they're being responsible.

"Definitely. It's always necessary to keep tabs on it. As much as we want to say we have so much beautiful area around here and there's nothing we can do to damage it. If we let it get out of hand it will definitely get really bad," he said.

Student Jesse Kellar did his project on overpopulation.

"We learned a lot about exponential growth and overpopulation. We get keeping more and more people but we're getting less and less resources. I put a quote on that says, 'too many people that want too much and there's not enough. I think that really summed up the idea," he said.

The projects are on display besides other experiments like growing plants in recycled plastic water bottles.

The projects were also on display with various experiments such as growing plants in recycled plastic water bottles.

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