Beaver Brae turned into a French bistro last night. They held an information night for parents and students interested in the extended French program.

French teacher Janet Hyslop talks more about it.

"Tonight is about launching the extended French program and it's also just a celebration of the French language. I also have my students, who are in Grade 7 and 8, kind of showcase what they can do. They've prepared all the food and they're serving it to all the guests," she said.

Grade 8 student Nathan Allan is in the French cooking class. He says he really enjoys it.

"I'm really enjoying it because we get to learn how to make news foods. It really lets us learn French while also learning how to take care of ourselves. We make some cool things while staying healthy," he said.

Allan says he definitely thinks his French will come in handy in the future.

"I actually do think I will use it because I would really like to move to Europe," he said.

Davey Boucha is in Grade 7 and will enter the extended program next year. He says he's looking forward to learning more.

"Mostly looking forward to speaking in French. I really want to improve my French skills a lot more," he said.

Hyslop encourages everyone to consider the French program. In Canada it can be an extremely helpful leg up especially as a second language on a job application.

Next year will be the inaugural year for the extended French program at Beaver Brae.

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