Students at St. Thomas Aquinas made their own T-shirts with anti-racism messages Monday.

A step towards ending racism may be putting on other people's shoes. Trinity Pardi says that's one of the lessons from yesterday's anti-racism exercise at St. Thomas Aquinas.

"It was really great. It was good to get to know each other, because I know I didn't know a lot of kids in my class, and now that we've done this, I know a lot of them a lot better," Pardi said, after Monday's hands-on learning experience.

The lesson was the culmination of their novel study. Students read the novel Bifocal by Deborah Ellis and Eric Walters.

The Grade 8 class created a presentation and invited other students in the school to come and hear about what they had learned. 

Their teacher, Katie Jackson, expanded on the idea behind the lessons.

"We all came up with this together," she said. "We're trying to spread the message to get to know the people you don't know, and that's what happened at the end of the novel, too."

Bifocal is an award-winning novel for young adults, which explores what happens, when terrorism and racism combine at a high school.

Students created t-shirts, posters, and a video to spread their message. Jesse McIsaac was also invited to perform his song "Peace for Change".