The Ontario Court of Appeal is hearing arguments this week on the province's appeal of a lower court ruling regarding Bill 124.

A Superior Court judge found the wage-caping legislation unconstitutional, infringing on collective bargaining.

While not commenting on the appeal, Premier Doug Ford stands by the legislation.

"Our whole goal with Bill 124 - I have to make sure that we respect the taxpayers, but also make sure that the frontline workers are treated fairly and come up with common ground. We always look forward to working with our unions, no matter, public or private sector unions, and come up with a fair deal for the public sector. But again, making sure we always respect the taxpayers' money, and that's what we're going to do. So, let's see what the courts say," says Ford.

Labour unions are disappointed with the government's action to appeal the Superior Court's ruling.

They say the bill has hurt workers and is a reason for the shortage of workers in many public sectors.

"According to the government's own documents, Bill 124 has worsened the staffing crisis in Ontario’s struggling health care system," says Patty Coates, Ontario Federation of Labour President. "The Ford government is determined to continue starving our public services while sitting on billions in excess funds."

The Financial Accountability Office reported last week that the province will have a $22.6 billion surplus over the next few years.

The opposition is also speaking out against the government's appeal.

Liberal MPP Adil Shamji says the province should not be in court.

"My colleagues and I are appalled by Doug Ford's pursuit of this appeal. And like everyone watching, we know that whatever the outcome of this trial, our public sector workers deserve our unwavering support and respect, and we stand with them," says Shamji.