The level of Black Sturgeon Lake continues to fall and remains higher than the Winnipeg River.

Howard Vanachte says the rollers are still flowing with about 14 inches higher than the river.

The Lake of the Woods Control Board says the level of the Winnipeg River is expected to rise between one and two inches over the next seven days.

Upstream from the entrance to the Winnipeg River, the lake is down three inches at Beauty Bay since Friday according to Mark Mulski who has been providing water level updates on the East Melick Area Flood 2022 Facebook page.

Mulski added that Black Sturgeon is now down 16.5 inches from the high water point at Beauty Bay.

Beauty Bay Golf Course opened on Saturday for the season. For now, the course is a modified 10-hole course.

Elsewhere on Black Sturgeon Lake, Charlie, the garden gnome who became the unofficial water gauge is almost completely out of the water.

The picture below was taken on Saturday, May 29 by his owner Howard Vanachte.

Charlie May 29 2022.jpg Photo credit: Howard Vanachte/Facebook
Charlie Front Pic May 15.jpg Photo credit: Howard Vanachte/Facebook