The Canadian Red Cross is urging people to wear a life jacket following the drowning of a man near Thunder Bay. Canadian Red Cross Community Services Co-ordinator Elizabeth Playfair stresses the importance of wearing the proper safety gear.

"It is always important to wear a life jacket to avoid boating related fatalities. Eighty-eight percent of immersion fatalities were the result of those not correctly wearing their life jackets," she said.

She notes that you should make sure that your life jacket is suitable for boating use, and to make sure all life jackets fit properly.

"Always wear a Canadian approved life jacket that fits you properly. It should be comfortable but snug, and in good condition."

Playfair also says that you should be wearing the life jacket, and that just having it nearby is not enough.

"Having the life jacket attached to the seat behind you won't save your life." she added.

Boaters are legally required to have enough life jackets for everyone on board.