Kenora Mayor Dave Canfield

Mayors and councillors are still waiting to see if they can afford to repair local roads and bridges, following yesterday's provincial budget.

Kenora Mayor Dave Canfield says he's hoping to find out more, when he attends a meeting later this week for the  Association of Municipalities of Ontario.

"The news releases we've seen so far really don't say a whole lot. It's really just kind of an overview of what's happened, but there's no detail whatsoever. So, we really don't know what's in here for us," he said.

City councillors have threatened legal action, if they don't get sufficient funds to help fix bridges. They're particularly concerned about the possibility of imposing load restrictions on the Trans-Canada, if they're not able to move forward with tenders for the Keewatin and Winnipeg West Branch bridges.

Toronto has talked for a long time about tenure reform, but Canfield didn't see any indication about how the province will be proceeding.

The president for the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, Gary McNamara, says he's aware of the city's situation and he says there's money in the provincial budget for repairs. However, he says Kenora will likely have to apply for the funds and get approvals from Queen's Park, before moving ahead with repairs.

Dryden Mayor Craig Nutall noted that his biggest concern was the cuts to roads and bridges.

" Well, it looks like they're going to cut $1.4 billion in roads. I don't think that's a good idea, because of our infrastructure around here. Roads are falling apart, especially our highway through the town," he said.

However he favoured the pay freeze for teachers, nurses and public servants.

"I think we all have to take a shot in the arm, and I guess that's one area that the government is looking at. Even the city here, all of the councillors and myself are on a pay freeze for the past two years," he added.

(With files from Mike Aiken and Brenden Harris)

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