Although the tournament isn't until July, organizers are busy getting everything ready for the Bronzeback Classic. Organizer Kirby Squires says that they have received a lot of good feedback.

"The planning is coming along actually good. We've gotten lots of good feedback from lots of the anglers. I've been talking to them on a regular basis, them phoning and wondering when they can get in," he said.

Entries will be accepted starting March 1, while the tournament runs July 21 and 22. Prizes are awarded according to total weight for the best five smallmouth bass caught in a day, as well as best fish. Brad and Jayden Symonds won last year's contest with a total catch of 28.65 lb., including the top catch of 3.97 lb. over the two-day period.

The first 100 entries completing the application and submitting the $400 fee will be part of this summer's event.

For a complete listing of entry rules:
Bronzeback classic