Kenora firefighters have a bush fire under control. Around 1 o'clock this afternoon, fire crews were called to Sutherland Road. Fire Chief Warren Brinkman explains what happened.

"There was a manure pile in a field and over time they combust. They break down and it broke into open flame. We've got wind that is probably 40-60 km gusting. So, it lit some grass on fire, and it went from the grass to the bush and some trees. It resulted in about a 0.3 hectare fire. It's under control right now, but we had crews from all four stations attend," he said.

Brinkman says no buildings were damaged and no injuries were reported. He also strongly urges people to not burn this evening.

"I would caution that if people are thinking about burning, I would encourage them not to. With the weather that we have predicted, we have winds gusting and the temperatures rising. It all becomes a very volatile and hazardous situation," he said.

So far this year there have already been three forest fires in the northwest. Burning rules took effect on April 1.

For more information:

For more information:
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