Northern Harbour has been patiently working with the Ministry of Natural Resources to try and expand their harbour. Owner Gary Hall says they'll just have to continue being patient.

"We're still working on that part of the property as far as some roads going in there and that. We are in favour of access lakes for future generations. The Ministry is not looking at it that way. We will simply be patient and carry on with getting ready," he said.

Hall said Northern Harbour is almost ready to open for business after repairing damage from last years flooding, and renovating their docks to safe guard from any future floods.

"We had a bit of damage from the flooding, we're also trying to raise our docks six inches higher because the future will probably more high water years and low water years. So, we're on the ice right now undoing some of the damage from last year and finishing raising them. We hope to be done this week as far as the docks go. If we are then we'll start getting the boats prepped for summer because hopefully the ice will be out fairly soon," he said.

Hall said he expects to open around the 6th of May, which is his typical start date for the season. Besides repairing the flood damaging to the docks preparing for the season has been business as usual.

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