Ads have started popping up across various social media streams, advertising a new low rate for Netflix at $5.99 a month.

This is part of the streaming services rollout to crack down on password sharing and its new ads-based tier.

Users can purchase a monthly subscription starting at $5.99/mos but they’ll be limited to using it on one device at a time and there will be ads within the app.

But if subscribers want all the bells and whistles, they can pay $20.99/mos for the highest definition, ad-free content and users can use it on multiple devices at a time. However, the caveat to this is you still can’t share your password — that costs extra.

Netflix is offering to “add up to (one or) two members who don’t live with you” to users’ accounts at a cost of $7.99 within its third and fourth most expensive tiers.

For example, one household on the Premium plan could be watching on four devices in the home at one time, plus have a family/friend that doesn’t live with them also watching in their own home.

It’s estimated that there are 250 million customers who pay for their accounts, while 100 million of the share their passwords.

If a user outside of the main account address is persistently detected, Netflix will block that device. That user can either be added as a member to the original location of the subscription they were sharing or sign up for their own account.