As merchants look ahead to 2021, Andy Scribilo at the Kenora and District Chamber of Commerce says the mood of members is perhaps best described as 'apprehensive,' if not antsy.'

"I've had a lot of responses come from our members personally to me -- vocally and by email -- wondering what's going on or what help is available to them," he said Monday.

Scibilo's comments come after the premier said Friday that businesses weren't taking up as much of the $660 million dollars in aid money being offered by Queen's Park, as the provincial government had expected.

Scribilo also noted merchants are also starting to wonder what's on the horizon, as they look at their summer orders.

"Oh God yes. Now is the time that they would be looking at a summer rush. I'm going to be honest. I've got a couple of calls from people from the States. Doesn't look like they're going to be coming up here this summer. So, for that portion of it, they're looking for people to help out with maintenance, look after their camps and cottages. So, they're looking ahead," he continued.

Since last March, governments at different levels have offered assistance in the form of:

  • wages
  • commercial rent
  • adapting to COVID-19

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