Chippewa Bluebird
May 6, 1979 - December 17, 2022

He is predeceased by his sister, Tania Leah Pahpasay, Dad Steve, auntie Delores Bluebird, brother-in-law Don Necanapenace, cousins Priscilla and Elvis Bluebird, David Skeid, Levi Fox and Lawrence Land brother, Jason Loewen adopted brother, Grandpa Percy Bluebird, Great Grand Parents John and Josephine Bluebird (Lindsay), Peter Bluebird grandpa, Mary Bluebird (Morrison) grandma, Mary Jane Bluebird (Henry) grandma, Nancy Fox, Willow Keewatin nephew, Barbie Ketchum, Andy Ketchum Jr., May Ketchum.

He is survived by his loving mother, Karen Bluebird, Guardians Waldy and Gloria Loewen, his daughters: Kynsey Bluebird (Oren), Akacia Bluebird, Hazey Bluebird, his sons: Jayx, Terrance, sisters: Patricia Pahpasay (Larry Jr), Laura Pahpasay (Juni), Sharon Pahpasay, (Demetrius, Ilias, Owen, Brogan), brothers: Robert bluebird, (Lightning), Sherman Jr Kabestra, (Alexi & Lacey), Jonathan Jr. Bluebird, niece Lydia Pahpasay (Lyla, Avery, Avera, Xander), Nieces Jill, Chloe. Kyra Fobister (Malola, Damon, Ahzh), nephews Tristian Pahpasay, (Taz), Nicholas Pahpasay, mothers of his children, Una Cherry, Jaclyn Mesenegeeshik, Tricia Bigblood, uncle John and Debbie Henry, cousins Chad, Johnathan, Kyla, Sasha (Stan), Dennis Skeid, Danny Skeid, Sammy Skied (Elaine),  Fawn land (calls her sister), and many friends he called sisters and brothers  and nephews, nieces, uncles. Cousins and his “Street homies” as he would call them, too many to name. 

Chippewa was a His character was to be neat in his appearance: the way he dressed, his mustache, beard, and hair. Also, the yard and house had to be neat and tidy. No clutter, no mess, he had a passion for cooking and liked to show it to everyone. He liked to joke around.

Chippewa was caring always worried about his friends that are homeless.  He would say “I love and worry about my street homies; I know how they struggle because I was out there too”. He would worry about his sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews, especially those that struggle with a sickness. He would tell me to tell them to eat healthy to exercise and he would send them a lot of information to help them get better. He would say I try to tell them what to do to try and stay healthy”. He didn’t want them to die.

I like to thank the nurses and doctors that tried their hardest to bring Chippewa back to life and for keeping him comfortable as much as they could. God made his creation to try it’s hardest to keep the body alive. When a person stops breathing it will find a way to keep the heart going right to the last breath. Doctor Henderson and Alan his nurse made sure Chippewa was not suffering in pain. He tried to explain to us why he was not recovering and to pray so he wouldn’t suffer too long.  Sharon, Sherman, Owen and his daughter Kynsey sat with Chippewa even though it was so hard to see him suffer this way.  Chippewa had family and friends that came to visit him and talk to him.  When he recognized a voice, he would let them know he heard them by moving or trying to talk. 

He loved seeing the hummingbirds that came to his feeder, also a wild rabbit he enjoyed seeing once and awhile.  He would tell me he saved a snapper and put him in the river.  He had a dog name Makwa and Bubba, and he was taking care of Brogans dog Nila. He enjoyed talking about his mutt he would call Nila. He learned to play music by ear. He enjoyed doing yard work for Waldy and Gloria Loewen that he called mom and dad.

Chippewa was a good cook, good friend, very kind, caring, fun to be around, loved to make others laugh, best of all he enjoyed hanging out with his street homies he would call them. When he got his payout, he gave the organization 10% of his payout to help feed and care for his street homies the homeless. He had a big heart always caring and worried about everyone he knew and loved. He loved his children very much and his grandson Oren Bluebird. He prayed to God for everyone every day even when he was suffering from his addiction alcohol. He started seeking God after his head injury, met a pastor and his wife and while he was in the hospital with a head injury I asked my pastor friends if they would deliver pizza to him and they did and  Ushi gave him a cross that he cherished because he felt God’s hand on him when she prayed for him. From there on he seeked God with all his heart and mind and God showed my gift from God Chippewa Bluebird who he was and chip fell in love with his first love God. He would play his music loud till the neighbors would tell him to turn your music down, but he would just keep singing and praising his Father God. He would share his music he had on his phone to his homies. One ear bud would be on his ear and the other on the other person’s ear. This is just some of who Chippewa was. There are many stories I can write especially miracles that I saw and others saw happen to him. 

A wake service will begin Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 6:00 pm at Dalles Community Hall. A funeral service will be held on Thursday, December 22, 2022 at 10:00 am with interment to follow at Lake of the Woods Cemetery.

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