The City of Kenora is already looking ahead to 2024 when it comes to finances.

Council held a special meeting Thursday afternoon for a preliminary budget discussion.

Mayor Andrew Poirier says they hope to have next year's budget finalized before the end of this year.

"We have maybe three items on the agenda to talk about process," states Poirier.

"We're going to determine timelines to get to a point we can hopefully have a budget to come to council for a vote.  Hopefully prior to the end of 2023."

Poirier adds that it's important to have at least the capital budget passed sooner rather than later.

"The sooner we can get a capital budget approved, then staff can start working on tenders.  The sooner we get tenders out we're at the head of the line for contractors and such, which usually means better pricing."

Poirier says there are a lot of positives to getting a budget out as early as possible.

He suggests if there are decisions that have to be made, they can be done in a well-thought out manner, instead of by the seat of council's pants.