Kenora City Council approves $185,000 in expenses to repair Coker Road.  

Kenora City Council held a Special Council meeting on Friday to discuss a new budget amendment that would see funding pulled from the JM Roads Reserve Fund to repair and raise the height of Coker Road just east of Kelly Road.  

Kenora City Council voted to approve the budget to raise the height of the affected road, providing the administration with the ability to secure a contractor for the remedial work.  

Once a contractor is secured, work will begin immediately. 

A historic year of high-water levels and flooding has closed many roads, especially roads north of the bypass. At its worst, Coker Road was reported with 20” of water over the road.  

“We have kind of held back at this point so that we could get direction and funding secured for the specific work. Right now, Coker Road still remains closed, we haven't put any sort of temporary fixes on it until we have gotten direction from Council,” said Marco Vogrig, Acting Director of Engineering & Infrastructure Services.  

“We didn’t want to put temporary money in for a few days or a week just to find out shortly after that we were going to raise the road.” 

Kyle Attanasio, Chief Administrative Officer, said “We do realize that there is work that needs to be done north of the bypass but we are going to take some time to evaluate and come up with a plan specifically for the north.” 

“We will come up with that plan and then that will be part of the capital budgeting process and it will be part of the work we do in the north in future years, starting in 2023 and beyond," he concluded. 

Construction is expected to begin today for remedial work on Essex Road at Hooterville Trail. The road has numerous potholes and sunken areas that will require grading and other work to bring the road back up to safety standards. 

The City states that there is significant damage in the area due to the water on the road and from vehicular traffic on the road while it was closed. They estimate these repairs will take about two to three days to complete.