Due to the increased flooding risk in the area, the City of Kenora, with the recommendation of their Municipal Emergency Control Group, has declared a local state of emergency in accordance with the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, 1990. 

This state of emergency will allow the city the potential opportunity to access provincial assistance with the situation.

The city says that they remain "at a high state of readiness" for water levels. Continuing rising lake and water levels are putting significant pressure on the flooding situation and causing an ongoing concern for rural roads that are north of the bypass.

Essex Road, School Road, East Melick Road, and Coker Roads are the most vulnerable areas at this time. People that live in these high-risk areas should establish evacuation plans, as rural roads could be washed out quickly and without warning. 

In the event of a significant washout, entire neighbourhoods may temporarily be isolated from local emergency service providers and utilities. Individuals and families should be prepared to take care of themselves for at least 72 hours. Vulnerable residents should ensure they have adequate food supplies and medicines on hand in case they lose their road access.

This morning city crews worked to repair School Road, however, Essex Road at Hooterville Trail along with Essex Road at Millership Swamp remains impassable and should not be used.

Residents are reminded to not travel through water that is over the roads as the road may be washed out under the water. Caution should be used when using Coker Road at Kelly Road and East Melick Road at Essex Road as water is over the road at these locations.

The City will continue to update residents through the local media and the City’s social media pages. We encourage the public to follow these avenues to gain further information on the situation.