A Kenora man has a week left to complete repairs to his home, in order to comply with an order from the city. Firefighters say they had 12 calls to Fourth Street South for the same house, which has been cited for a number of safety violations.

They include:

  • a makeshift connection to a natural gas line,
  • an uncertified wood burning stoves,
  • a leaking and sagging roof,
  • mould and mildew on interior walls
  • an unsafe boiler.

"These actions of yours created a severe risk of fire and explosion not only to you, but also to the neighbourhood," it says in the order issued by the city.

"Had there been an explosion, there would have been a real threat to your life as well as the lives of Ms. Powell, any other occupants of the Building, your neighbours and anyone else in the vicinity - your home and your neighbour’s home most likely would have been completely destroyed by such explosion and 4th Street South severely damaged," the order continued.

Corbin Stephens was given until July 21 to complete the repairs.

If not, the city:

  • may by order prohibit the use or occupancy of the building; and
  • may cause the building to be renovated, repaired or demolished to remove the unsafe condition or take such other action as he or she considers necessary for the protection of the public.

For more information:

Unsafe Building Order