In her report to councillors yesterday, treasurer Charlotte Edie said the shortfall related to COVID-19 was about $48,000 so far, but she warned more shortfalls may come.

For councillors, Edie compared direct impacts to the city related to the pandemic as of June 30, 2020 when compared with the same period in 2019:

Estimated shortfalls

  • ($290,000) - Recreation facilities: Loss of revenues from mid-March including summer ice rentals, ball field rentals and room rentals. The wage offset is discussed below.
  • ($73,000) – Reduction in parking revenues to date, mostly from metered parking.
  • ($16,000) – Reduction in transit revenue.
  • ($134,000) – Reduction in transfer station revenue.
  • ($170,000) – Interest & penalties on taxes waived.
  • ($20,000) – Interest on utilities waived.
  • ($30,000) – Tenant concessions.
  • ($20,000) – Balance in account created for direct COVID related expenses.

Estimated savings

$148,000 - Estimated saving in wages due to volunteer layoffs to date.

$223,000 - Decrease in wage expense. This can be attributed to a marked decrease in overtime and a reduction in summer students.

$88,000 – Estimated savings in fuel costs.

$61,000 – Estimated savings in travel, conference & training.

$95,000 - Estimated reduction in materials & supplies and repairs & maintenance.

$30,000 - Estimated savings in utilities at the Keewatin arena during the lease period.

$60,000 - Estimated savings in utilities at the Kenora Recreation Centre.



For more information:

City of Kenora - Agenda for Committee of the Whole (page 9)