The Kenora and Lake of the Woods Community Foundation is asking for $20,000 from the city for operating costs in 2012. Don Parfitt notes this is the same amount as last year, and he says that he hopes one day the foundation will be independent in there funding.

"Our goal would be to be independent. We don't want to be dependent on City Council, We would like to eventually get to be independent, on our own looking after ourselves," he said.

He also says that the city has played a big role in supporting the foundation since the beginning.

"Certainly the city has been tremendous supporters of the organization since we started in 2004," he says.

The minutes of the proceedings are as follows:

Don Parfitt, Board President and Darlene McGillivray, Executive Director presented the Community Foundations budget request to Council. The cumulative endowments funds at November 30, 2011 is $2.3 million with the 2011 endowment contributions received to date being $230,000.

There was a new agency endowment fund created in 2011 for the Women’s Shelter Saakaate House,New 2011 named endowment funds were Copperfin Credit Union staff for the needs of the community, Mother’s Day run for the needs of the community with many $2,500 and $10,000 endowment funds created.

The granting for 2012 is estimated at $175,000 with the Community Foundation endowment of $66,000, Moffat Family fund $36,000, Paterson First Nations Youth program $20,000, Jim and Leney Richardson $20,000, Canadian Pacific and Kenora Employees $18,000, Hartley and Heather Richardson and family $10,000 and other $5,000. Since 2004, grants of $854,000 have been made to over fifty different organizations, thanks to the generosity of the donors.

A draft 2012 operating budget was presented to Council for the annual budget request. The Foundation is requesting the same amount of $20,000 from the City for 2012 operating costs. Mayor Canfield thanked all the volunteers for their time with the Foundation and for the presentation to Council. Presentation concluded at 1:40 p.m. and a copy of their presentation was left with the Clerk.