Staff with Balmertown’s Golden Learning Centre and the Northwestern Health Unit are working together to keep their school’s students and staff as safe as possible, after a case of COVID-19 was confirmed within the school on Friday.

“We are currently doing case and contact followup on the individual. We’re working closely with the school to manage the situation and inform everyone appropriately,” said Chief Medical Officer of Health for the Northwestern Health Unit, Dr. Kit Young-Hoon.

“We want everyone to know who could be a close-contact, and those individuals will be called and informed on what to do, which is generally to self-isolate and get tested.”

Any staff or student member that are not contacted by public health are deemed to be at no additional risk and can continue to attend school as usual.

Staff and students are encouraged to use the Government of Ontario's school screening tool before attending school. It asks students a number of questions, and will then give a recommendation on whether or not they should attend school that day, based on their symptoms.

“Parents should be monitoring their kids closely. Every parent should be using that screening tool daily to check for symptoms before they send their kids to school. If the tool indicates that you need to seek an assessment centre or stay at home, you should do so. It can really help parents," added Young-Hoon.

The NWHU is continuing to recommend that everyone assume COVID-19 is spreading within your community, and to practice preventative measures like social distancing and proper hand hygiene, and wearing a mask at all times.

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