Rochelle Newell of Kenora says COVID-19 is also having a significant impact overseas. She says the pandemic is slowing down local efforts to help orphans in Liberia.

"Anything that effects us, it effects them much more," she said yesterday. "For example, we -- as a team -- aren't going over there this year, probably, and it's not just us. Other organizations all over the world have just stopped, and they're not going places. So, it's as if they've been forgotten, left alone. This is a huge help for them," she said. 

Volunteers from Kenora have been helping orphans in Africa for many years. A wing of a school in Liberia has been named for the late Tom Newell. The former chaplain at the district jail, had dedicated his life to helping those in need, before passing away six years ago in 2014.

The local effort has also helped fund three new wells for fresh water, along with the school's expansion.

Jubilee Church has been helping children's homes dedicated to the memories of Linda Miclash and Tom Newell. Linda and David Miclash served together as a couple for 50 years, including work with 100 Huntley Street. Newell served as the chaplain for the Kenora Jail, after helping to create the Canadarm for the space shuttle.

Donations to the sale have included tools and kitchenware. Past yard sales have brought in around $3,000. Fixing the roof is expected to cost $9,000. A well could cost about $2,000 (U.S.). Support from Alongside International is also anticipated. 

This summer's barbecue is set for Friday afternoon at No Frills between 11 in the morning and 6 in the evening.