Kenora residents may see a slight increase in the price of bag tags this spring. 

This is part of additional user rate increases proposed by the Environmental Services Division brought forward at a Committee of the Whole Meeting Tuesday.

Kenora’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Kyle Attanasio, said these increases are needed to plan for future infrastructure projects.

“It’s necessary for us to start increasing the cost of those bag tags, in order for us to maintain the service levels and plan for the future infrastructure we’re going to need,” Attanasio said.

“The revenue that we are bringing is no longer keeping pace. Additionally, we have significant capital infrastructure requirements including a new landfill that we need to look forward to and we need to be planning for,” Attanasio added.

Bag tags have been at $2.00 per tag since 2002, and with the proposed increase would see a $0.50 spike per tag. Attanasio said this increase is necessary.

“That $2.00 a bag has not gone as far for us as it did in 2000-2001 when we went to that initial rate.”

Kenora residents will pay $2.50 per tag, while non-residents are expected to pay $3.00 a tag. If approved the price change would take place on May 1, 2022. There would be two coloured tags, residential and non-resident

Kevin Gannon, Director of Engineering and Infrastructure Services, added along with the increase in the cost per tag, there is a proposed increase in the weight per bag.

“We did hear with some of the customers stated because of the weight restriction that the bags weren’t being picked up or that they used more than other customers. We’ve increased the baggage weight to an area that we feel is safe for our staff to manage,” noted Gannon.

Bag weights would increase to 35 pounds, up from the 25 pounds the weight restriction currently is. 

The increase to the tags will reflect an average increase of $0.08 per pound between residential and non-residential customers.

Overall the user increases would bring over $468,000 of additional revenue.

At the meeting, three options were presented to the council, and Gannon suggested option two would be the most viable.

Option one would keep the price per tag the same, option two is as mentioned above a $0.50 increase, and additional weight per bag and option three is a $1.00 increase with the same additional weight per bag as option two

The bag tag system came into effect in Kenora in 1999 and started at $1.00 per tag, but eventually increased to $2.00 a tag in 2002 and has stayed at that same rate for 20 years.