Kenora City Council still isn't happy Transport Canada approved an aerodrome on Black Sturgeon Lake without consulting the municipality first.

Mayor Andrew Poirier thinks the act that Transport Canada uses to approve these facilities has to be amended so more consultation takes place.

"There still needs to be transparency and they have to be a little more accountable to residents and municipalities or jurisdictions that have these aerodromes placed in them," states Poirier.

"I think they could do a bit of work on the part of the act they rely on to allow these."

Poirier adds they are concerned that an aerodrome was approved for Black Sturgeon Lake without first consulting with the city or local residents.

"I mean it's not transparent.  We received information it was done basically.  I agree that their legislation needs a little bit of work."

City council passed a resolution last week not only for Transport Canada to amend legislation, but to support efforts to raise awareness of the loopholes in the current regulations for aerodromes.