Kenora city council is still looking for ways to cut the tax rate.

It now stands at a 5.36 percent increase for property owners.

Mayor Andrew Poirier says they may look at delaying implementation of their compensation review for non-union staff.

“I think there can be phased in approach to it,” says Poirier.

“We have to look at as many options and areas as possible, to ensure we’re not going to overburden our taxpayers, because there’s only so many dollars people have in their pockets.”

Poirier suggests one of the things they could do is delay the implementation of the compensation review for non-union staff, which could cost the city over $345,000 this year, retroactive to January 1st.

“Whatever I think I can do at the table here to ensure that it’s reduced a bit, I will do what I have to do, and I will vote appropriately.”

Council is set to hold its committee of the whole meeting today and the operational budget is just one of the items on the agenda.