While the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario is calling for 'strike-action', KPDSB director of education, Sean Monteith, says he's confident classes won't be affected here in northwestern Ontario. He explains why he doesn't think there will be an actual strike.

"While people hear the word strike and think of sidewalks and pickets it doesn't necessarily mean that. Job action can include anything from participation in Ministry of education meetings, events, meetings outside of the regular school day and travel," he said.

Monteith says the school board has an excellent relationship with their teachers. Negotiations are also taking place locally and Monteith believes there's no big issues that would cause the teachers to hit the picket lines.

"I'm very comfortable in saying that all Keewatin Patricia schools will be open on Monday and any kind of job action will be outside of the instructional day. The relationship between the KPDSB and its elementary school teachers is excellent and strong," he said.

The ETFO put out a press release calling for job action. Legally-speaking the teachers could strike on Monday. However, Monteith emphasizes that he believes the regular school day will not be affected for now.

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