Construction season is getting under way. Bob Cunningham is the community and development services manager for the city, and he's looking for a fairly busy year.

Over the past three years, he says Dryden's averaged between 50 to 75 building permits being issued per year with annual construction values of about $5 million dollars.

He notes this excludes the occasional large project such as:

the new OPP detachment at $4.5 million,

Open Roads school at $14 million,

or the new sewage treatment plant at $22 million.

Cunningham says these skewered the city's annual construction values to $19.6 million in 2010, and $32.8 million in 2011, but at this time he doesn't anticipate any large construction projects this year.

As a result, Cunningham expect the city will do about the same as in an average year, which is around $5 million in construction value.

The new sewage treatment plant opened earlier this year, while Open Roads was opened in 2011 and the OPP detachment was completed in 2012.

For more information:

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