Dryden musician Ethan Armit's starting to get excited. The 22 year-old folk artist has been invited to play the Harmony of Nations festival in Ft. Frances next month.

"I'm a solo folk artist," he said, as he described his short set. "I've got one of my own, and I'll probably do a couple of covers."

Armit says he enjoys writing and performing his own music. One of them is This Game Called Hockey, which he co-wrote with his uncle.

"He just started writing down lyrics," he said. "At first, we didn't know how it was going to come about, but then I just started writing riffs, and we amalgamated it all together and it just worked."

Armit hopes to perform another one of his original songs next month at the festival. It's called Come to Life.

Armit's day job is at The Beer Store, but he says he likes to jam with his friends in his off-hours. It's been hard to find time for them all to get together, and the music scene in Dryden's been fairly quiet over the winter, he added. So, he's looking forward to the show in Ft. Frances.

Armit was born in Fort, so he hopes to have friends and relatives in the audience. He's been known to play both the 12-string, as well as six-string guitar. Even though he'll be on his own on stage, he says he generates a fairly full sound for the audience.

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