Vance Valdock is the Car Show Organizer

Dryden's Sandy Beach Park will be hosting the all-new Weights and Wheels next month. The event, which used to be part of a larger event, will start it's first year with a new name and a new location.

Car show organizer Vance Valdock told us about how it began.

"Weights and Wheels is kind of spawned off of last year's what was called the Dryden Truck Show, and both the strongman and the car show were a part of that." he said.

Vance hopes that people will come from all around to join in the fun.

"I just hope to have everybody come on out and check out the festivities. It would be great to have people from out of town come and see us as well." he added.

Weights and Wheels runs on July 6th, and runs from 11 until 4.