The snow is flying in Northwestern Ontario as the first major snowfall hit the region causing headaches for drivers and residents.

Just under 30 cm of snow hit the Kenora area in the last two days, which may be a relief as 40-50 cm was originally predicted to fall.

A Winter Storm Warning was issued by Environment Canada on Tuesday(November 9, 2021) after a low-pressure system from the northwestern United States was bringing heavy snow and wind into Northwestern Ontario.

Gerald Chang, Environment Canada Meteorologist was able to provide more on the major snowstorm.

“We’re still situated in the back edge of the storm and there are alerts out west in southern Manitoba but this system is pushing northeast slowly,” said Chang.

Chang did add some snow is still expected today (November 12, 2021), but it seems the worst of the storm is done in the region.

“I still see another couple to four or five centimetres of snow for the area, but the system will be pulling out and by the end of the day (today) it should be much better,” explained Chang.

The forecast for the weekend shows a chance of snow, with below zero temperatures, and cloudy.

Kenora came close to breaking a single-day snowfall record for November 11, as 18.6 cm of snow fell, just short of the 19.1 cm record.

The snowstorm caused many highways to close including Highway 17, 71, and 502 due to poor driving conditions and limited visibility.