Kenora now has seven certified therapy dogs and one therapy cat.

The eight pets were part of a four hour training session.

Tammy Hanstead says she brought in Therapeutic Paws of Canada to help out.

"My dog Havoc was a certified therapy dog and when we moved back home to Kenora in 2013, there was not a program here, so I have been working with them (Therapeutic Paws) since that time," explains Hanstead.

"There was a little bit of a lull with COVID, but here we are now.  We're so excited."

Hanstead says now the therapy pets can go into a number of places.

"There are six different programs with Therapeutic Paws of Canada.  They visit long term care facilities, hospitals, seniors retirement facilities, first responders, health and wellness supports, victims services and their interaction with children program."

She adds that in all of Canada there is just three therapy cats, and Kenora is lucky to have one of them.