The province has partnered with Public Safety Canada to coordinate Emergency Preparedness Week. The week begins today, and ends on Saturday May 9th. Diane Vanderzande is with St. John Ambulance and she explains the aim of the week.

"The aim is really to make sure that people realize and prepare and think that there's going to be something that will probably happen. If you think about if you had no power, are you prepared? Make sure you've got the right stuff in your house, you've got a plan. And it's things like making sure you're car's got gas in, because if you've got no power the gas pumps don't work. Make sure you have cash because if you don't have power the bank machines don't work either. So, there's all sorts of things," she said.

Vanderzande suggests some basic items to have in your emergency kit.

"A basic kit should have at least two liters of water per person, for each day. And that's just drinking water, that's not counting water to wash or anything else with. Battery powered radios because all your radio stations will have information on and directions on, and things like that. Especially if you have to evacuate. A first aid kit, and anything else you think you're going to need," she said.

Emergency Preparedness week has taken place annually since 1996.

For more information:

Emergency Preparedness Week web site