Trustees at Kenora Catholic are happy to see a bit of an increase in overall enrollment this fall, but they're also quite concerned about absences. 

Overall, the board reports an increase of five students over their projection of 1,304 to a total of 1,309 enrolled this fall.

However, half of the secondary students enrolled in virtual classes may be missing on any given day.

Director of education Derek Haime says Kenora Catholic is working on ways to improve attendance, as half of their high school students may not be signing in for online classes on any given day.

"We've been working with an attendance expert. We're working with our very own attendance counsellor at the board. Our staff are actively reaching out to families, whose students aren't participating regularly," said Haime. 

The director of education acknowledged some learners find the virtual learning more difficult, so teachers are working with the board, families and students to adjust.

Board chair Teresa Gallik characterized the absences as 'quite alarming,' noting the importance of attendance is especially important during a quadmester system, where exams are coming up.

Projected enrollments (July 2020):

  • St. John's 123
  • St. Louis 117
  • SMB 271
  • PJP 225
  • T.A. 212 (elementary)
  • T.A. 356 (secondary)

Actual enrollment (October 2020):

  • Elementary students - 960 (948 projected)
  • Secondary students - 349 (356 projected)