The expansion of the rec centre will likely need help from federal and provincial governments, in order to proceed.

Supporters of Kenora's event centre may have to wait a bit longer. Spokesman Chris Van Walleghem says they had hoped to have their business plan ready for council tomorrow, but they still have a bit more work to be done.

"It was almost complete, but there are still some things that need to be figured out," he said. "There's some tweaking of the design stage. So, we couldn't get the finals for the financials, until the design was completed."

Still, Van Walleghem says they remain optimistic about the project.

"We think it's going to go ahead at this point," he said. "We'll get all the numbers and present them to council. That was our mandate of our committee to look into the feasibility of an expanded rec centre, which would include a second ice surface."

The committee's hoping to have their report on the agenda for the February meeting. The project has a price tag of about $25 million. Van Walleghem says they're optimistic they'll get some help from the provincial and federal governments, who could share the total cost on a one-third, one-third, one-third formula the same as other cost-shared projects.

The city committee hopes to use revenues from the new facility, in an effort to finance the community's share of the project.

"We'd have to come up with some type of finances for the city's one-third," Van Walleghem added. "That'll all come out in the report in February.

While there have been recent investments in the Keewatin Memorial Arena, as well as the auditorium at Seven Generations -- formerly the Lakewood School -- the committee doesn't see this as a conflict.

Van Walleghem says there's enough demand for ice surface to support the twinning at the rec centre, and the committee's been talking with Seven Generations about the need for more concert and convention space in the area.

The committee had hoped to have their plans before council by the end of the year. Councillors are set to meet at noon on Thursday.

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