Families with children -- who are having difficulty dealing with the pandemic -- can get help. Angela Taylor leads a specialized team known as Inspire Community Outreach.

"The kid's having a hard time. They're yelling, screaming, hurting people, hurting themselves and it's scary to those people who care about that child. We want to help them," says Angela Taylor.

She leads a specialized team known as Inspire, which offers to fill gaps in the health care system. Team members are now able to serve the Treaty 3 territory and Kenora District.

Taylor was recognized as one of Our Manitoba Heroes last year, for her acts of compassion. As a teen, she fostered her younger sister, after their mother committed suicide. As the mother of three -- including a child with autism -- Taylor appreciated the importance of getting the right kind of help, so she's returned to school to further her education.

She's now a PhD candidate, as she focuses on complex families and wrap-around care. Board members for the non-profit include Rachel Fair of Shoal Lake 40.

Taylor says developments in our understanding of how the brain works means new ways of helping children in need. 

"A neurodiversity means that our brain is wired differently, and there's wonderful amazing things about having our brains being wired differently," she said.

Taylor noted ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), autism, trauma or FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) are the most common. 

There are also a number of resources available in the district or Treaty 3 Territory:



Community Care Access Centre Mental Health and Addictions Nurse

Canadian Mental Health Association (Over 16 only)

Crisis Response Services - Kenora Rainy River District


Kenora Chiefs Advisory

Kid's Help Phone

Lake of the Woods District Hospital Mental Health & Addictions Program.

Sexual Assault Survivor Resource Page

Jordan's Principle